Mother’s Day Engraving Event with Diptyque

May 14

Celebrating Mother’s Day weekend with Diptyque on Fillmore St. in San Francisco

It’s always a pleasure returning to Diptyque to celebrate special occasions with custom engravings. Nothing can replace the live entertainment as clients watch their products getting personalized freehand right in front of them. Whether it’s quotes, names, or little motifs, adding a personalized touch truly elevates a gift, making it all the more special.

Many times clients will see what I’m engraving for another client, and they’ll decide to purchase it also. Sometimes, they’ll come back and purchase more.

My absolute favorite part of it all is witnessing clients’ reactions to the finished product. The gasps and awe as they look over their forever keepsake – priceless.

Want to bring live personalization to your in-store event? Contact me HERE or send me an email at for a custom quote.

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