What to Engrave on Your Wedding Perfume

Jul 10

Here are some inspiration for your wedding perfume engraving

Perfume bottle engraving is probably my most requested service – it’s also one of my favorite offerings! You can turn an every day item into something so sentimental and meaningful. Scents evoke emotions. What better way than to turn your wedding day perfume into a forever keepsake.

My process for engraving starts with your inquiry. Simply let me know what you’re interested in having engraved – you’re not limited to the options in this blog. If you have a specific vision, I’m all ears! Before I start engraving, I always draft my designs to ensure I like the placement and everything is spelled correctly. I’ll then take my micro-drill and slowly etch the design into the glass. This part takes time and steady hands because there’s no room for error. Once the drill touches the glass, it is permanent.

Once the initial engraving is completed, I go back and smooth out the lines, thicken any strokes, and add any shading details. The engraving at this point is gorgeous as is! Sometimes a frosted look is perfect for certain bottle designs – no color fill needed!

But if you want that extra pop of color, you have the option to fill the engraving with gold, silver, or rose gold. My clients LOVE adding gold to their engravings. It truly makes the design come to life and adds that extra sparkle.

I’ll wipe down the bottle, and DONE! Your engraved perfume will be packaged carefully and on its way to you!

Already know what you want? Let me engrave it for you! You can inquire HERE.

Take a peek at some perfume engraving inspiration below!

1. Simple name

I love to keep things simple and minimal when it comes to perfume engraving. It’s timeless and clean. Save the long messages for a handwritten card or letter! A beautiful bottle of perfume with a name turns into an heirloom piece of art to keep on your vanity for years to come. It’s perfect for those who love to collect perfume bottles.

2. Illustration

A one-of-a-kind piece of art! If you’re not one for personalized items with your name, this one is perfect for you. My style is known for integrating floral designs into my artwork and engravings, so naturally this is another favorite option of mine. Have your wedding flowers engraved onto your wedding perfume to tie that beautiful memory together.

3. Date

You can’t go wrong with engraving your special day onto your wedding perfume. Even have matching engravings with your partner’s fragrance! It’s a beautiful and subtle option for those my minimalist couples.

4. Short phrase

We love a positive affirmation. A gentle reminder every time you spritz yourself and head out the door. It can be a quote you love or a sweetism your partner says to you often. Either one, it’ll be so special engraved on your wedding day fragrance.

Ready to get your perfume engraved? Let’s create something beautiful and memorable for your sepcial day! Send me an inquiry here!

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